Thank Goodness For… the Internet.

Thank Goodness For… the Internet.

Dear Internet,

You are a well of information, both wonderful and terrible, awe-inspiring and terrifying, beautiful and I-can’t-unsee-this.

Today, you’re both my friend and my enemy.

Thank you, I hate you,


I started a diet on Monday and have been doing fabulous, but miss overindulging. I miss cookies, mindless snacks, sweets – preferably any one within reach, ridiculous amounts of coffee creamer, cookies… Damn it, I’m going to eat a cookie now. (It’s okay, it’s just a sugar cookie, one of those ridiculously good frosted ones from the store, not the amazing Keebler Jif cookie combos omg..)

Okay. Cookie digesting, Moving on.. 

I was curious about the validity of “cheat days”, aka..  hoping these were a real thing, somewhat not terrible for dieting and the internet was there with open arms to break my heart…

Actually, it provided very good information – if you’re going to cheat, you’re better off cheating with a cookie or two (or three) on the days that you rock your diet than a reoccurring cheat day. So, sorry hopes and dreams, if you really want to lose the weight, you’re going to have to work out those sweets the day you eat them.

So.. thank you Internet. You saved me from myself, even though I didn’t want to hear what you had to say.

And, of course, I hate you. Damn it.

(FYI, I finished off with a generous “half cup” of Ben & Jerry’s 😉. 500 over the calorie goal.. But it was so, so worth it and, in my defense, it takes A LOT of self restraint to only eat a halfish cup of B&J and not the conveniently serving sized half pint.)


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