Thank Goodness For… being approachable.

Thank Goodness For… being approachable.

I kind of have the whole RBF thing going on. You know, “resting bitch face”, where my neutral face looks like I’m super pissed off or.. this should be obvious.. a bitch.

Anyways.. I’ve been back at the gym for little over a week now and, today, I had two people actually talk to me (in our group exercise; on the floor would be a little weird, even for me). One of the girls takes a lot of the same classes so it was fun being able to connect a little more. The other I know outside of the gym, briefly, because of an annual event we both participated in last year around this time (although we had little to no interaction back then.)

I have entertained a lot of stranger interactions in my life, but not so much interactions with acquaintances. It makes me wonder, is this what adulting feels like?


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