Thank Goodness For… unexpected expected gifts.

Thank Goodness For… unexpected expected gifts.

I’ve been telling my boyfriend for years not to worry about Valentine’s Day. This year was amazing. My boyfriend walked up to me mid January to tell me that he ordered his Valentine’s gift (for himself) and, knowing he has to have a physical gift on the day of, I soon picked up something for me. It was perfect, but I still worried that he would go all out on the actual day.

Fast foreward to today. Nothing before work. A few texts sent in the day before we wished each other Happy Valentine’s Day. Nothing after work except for a greeting and long hug. Phew! It took years, but we’ve finally got this whole Valentine’s Day thing down.

This holiday makes me laugh and shake my head. On the way to the gym, I kept seeing men with flowers and balloons in their cars. It’s kind of sad, if you think about it. Running around giving each other flowers, candies, stuffed animals that are expected simply because that is what the day says you have to do. I’m so freaking happy we’ve grown away from that.

Of course, that is until I arrive home to the biggest balloon I’ve ever seen and a rose. Aww. Turns out I am just as bad as everyone else after all 😍


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