Thank Goodness For… stability.

Thank Goodness For… stability.

As things get hectic between birthdays, sports, and volunteer events, I find that I am stopping more and more to be thankful for the stability in my life. By this… I mostly mean Thank-freaking-Goodness I do not work in retail, food service, or another form of low paying, customer abusing thankless job with abusive hours and apathetic coworkers.

I am so spoiled to have started a career in my early twenties and I hope I never forget it.

As for stability elsewhere, I adore my relationships and the predictability of the majority of them. My antisocial family is my ideal, his almost overbearing family is comforting, and my work relationships are thankfully predictable. Friends are a little more complicated – darn emotional bank accounts – but there are some things that help on that front. (Living in a small town means you’re stuck with me. 😜)

Underneath everything in this post, and the most vulnerable reason I’m thankful for the stability surrounding me in life, I am so darn emotional unstable that it’s nice to have something to grab onto and say, “listen here woman, you are doing pretty darn good. Enjoy it.”

It doesn’t cure all of course, but it helps.


Thank a Goodness For stability.

Thank Goodness For… being treated the way you treat others.

Thank Goodness For… being treated the way you treat others.

My boyfriend and I are pretty antisocial, to the extent that, when we do go out with our friends, the other rarely tags along. It’s nothing personal, simply that he doesn’t really care about my friends and I feel extremely anxious at the thought of being around big groups of people I don’t know, which tends to be the rare occasion he goes to spend time with his friends.

Tonight was no different. He asked me if Read more